Site Notes

May 29th, 2022: If you would like me to select a good pair for you from the listed birds let me know and I will let you know which ones I would pair. Contact me by chat, email, text (417-319-3453) or phone (417-935-4751).

May 28th, 2022: Due to our year-round breeding program and the ebb and flow of monthly sales there are times when we have too many birds competing for limited perch space. So to avoid the expense of warehousing birds and prevent the risk of overcrowding we'll reduce prices on certain birds. This can be a good opportunity to get some birds at a reduced price. 

This page will primarily feature new bird listings and others we want to bring to your attention. We do have other birds listed on the site so use the pull down menus to locate various colors, patterns or cocks or hens. The Chat button can be used to reach the office for any questions about ordering, shipping and so forth. If a live operator is not available you can leave a message and we'll respond once we're back in the office. 

There are multiple ways to order: Place your order online using the shopping cart feature or call directly to 417-935-4751 or send a Text to 417-319-3453.